Scott Bateman is a married father of three children who was born on 22nd June 1971 in Dundee, Scotland.  He is a decorated veteran, experienced aviation consultant, and voluntary police officer. Scott currently lives in the South West of the United Kingdom.

Professional Career

Scott’s passion for aviation started a young age when he joined the Air Cadet Organisation at the age of 13.  This opportunity fuelled his need to seek a professional career in aviation and at age 18 Scott joined the Royal Air Force as Non-Commissioned Aircrew.  After seven-years of service on the C-130 with 47 Squadron Scott was selected for pilot training.  Scott then predominately flew the C-130 in the tactical role and completed his service as an aircraft Captain on 47 Squadron.  Scott is a highly-decorated veteran who has served operationally in Somalia, Angola, Sierra Leone, the Balkans, Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan. Scott was awarded the Wilkinson Sword of Merit in 1997 at the RAF College Cranwell in recognition of his outstanding leadership skills.

On leaving the Royal Air Force in 2008 Scott joined a large legacy airline to fly the Boeing 747-400.  Since joining this airline Scott in addition to his pilot role Scott has worked as an operational Flight Crew Manager, and latterly as the Boeing Fleet Manager.  He has also served as a special advisor and subject matter expert to the UK CAA on their Fixed Wing Advisory Group.  Scott is an experienced and accomplished airline manager and pilot whom still flies the 747 fitting this around his other commitments.

Scott is the founder of 9-Line brand which he uses for his business interests in media and aviation related consulting.


Scott has always been a passionate volunteer but after the unexpected death of his Father of a heart attack in 1996 Scott was inspired to develop an innovative solution to make access to defibrillation easy for all.  This work was the start of a new charitable organisation, First Response, and the foundation of what is now called the Community First Responder network.  This new vision for public inclusion in emergency healthcare was a major piece of transformational work for the NHS led by Scott and was launched in 1997.  Scott was awarded the honour of a MBE in 2000 by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for this work. Scott continued to develop volunteer opportunities such as the Emergency Responder scheme in London for the NHS until 2014 when he retired from this advisory role.

Scott is currently the Force Strategic Advisor for Volunteers as a Special Superintendent with Wiltshire Police.  This role has seen Scott leading the Specials Command and developing it into an effective organisation.  Scott’s leadership and vision has been instrumental in redefining the role of the group and expanding its numbers.  With a people and community focus Scott is the lead advisor on volunteering to the Police and Crime Commissioner and Senior Command Team.